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No kidding!

Here’s how it works: Singularity, California hosts its stories on Smashwords. You can visit our page there and pay whatever you like – including nothing! – and get the stories in a wide range of formats, including e-reader and Kindle-friendly versions.

The First Law of Service

It all started because of an extra pickle: a Connell-Douglas helot in a dying fast-food restaurant attempts to make humans happy.  (Not included at our Smashwords archive at this time; the PDF hosted here is free!)

Not If, When

When human terrorists attack a party celebrating the unveiling of the newest helot prototype, Chief Security Officer Shell and reporter Angel Martinez must try to survive the night and discover the reasons behind the attack.


Early in the city’s development, Shell goes to Singularity to visit his old friend Root – but what he finds during his visit is disturbing information that makes Shell concerned for the city’s future.

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